Miracle Movers Team 

Image and pride is extremely important to our team as is our reputation which we take very seriously.

Greg: The Miracle Man Himself. With over 15 yrs industry experience, Owner/Operator Greg is a true master at his job and will provide you with first class service guaranteed. He is a family man with 3 boys, and hopes that one day his sons will work with him and run the family business

Emma Customer Service: Emma will be your first point of contact. You can call at anytime to discuss your relocation needs. She’s Greg’s wife and knows exactly how he works and is only too happy to get you started

Kirk: He is Greg’s Head Offsider and 2IC. He is Greg’s cousin and was handpicked by Greg and has been personally trained by him to the highest of levels, so they work hand in hand as a team

Blake: Greg’s son Blake is an Offsider who has been trained in all aspects of the business for the past few years by both Greg & Emma

Packing Lady’s:  Anne, Claire, Annie, Moira

Offsiders: Connor, Otto, Beau, Paul, Salesi

Cleaners: Nick & Lucy