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  • Tissue Ream

    Wraps snugly around fragile figurines and other precious items to provide a protective layer.
    • Approx 960 Sheets per Ream.
    • Acid free to prevent tarnishing of silverware.
    • Ideal as an inner protective initial wrap, followed by a paper or bubble outer layer.
    • Wrapping Figurines, Silverware, Porcelain and other precious items.
    • Gift Wrapping.

  • Packing Paper

    • Approximately 750 acid free sheets per ream.
    • Used to fill the void remaining inside a carton or box after goods have been placed inside
    • Wrapping any item before packing.
    • Scrunching to fill voids and also to pad the top and bottom of boxes.
    • Ideal for packing fragile or precious items.
    • Manufactured reusing the reel end butt rolls used in the Newspaper industry.


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