Miracle Movers are here to make your move as easy as possible. We have devised some checklists to assist you in relocating to your new residence with ease.

If you choose not to use our packing service this guide will help you pack boxes correctly and minimize breakages. This also makes it easier to carry and stack for our relocation consultants.
This is a must for anybody who is preparing to move.


  • Make sure you use recommended removalist boxes.
  • Use acid free butchers paper and packaging tape (not newspaper and masking tape).
  • To make up a box, turn the box upside down, and fold in the small flaps first followed by the 2 larger flaps and tape along the bottom.
  • Use small boxes for heavy fragile items and large boxes for lighter bulky items.
  • Place a sheet of butchers paper in the bottom of the box, for extra support add a few pieces of scrunched up paper.
  • Wrap each item carefully with 2-3 sheets of paper.
  • Place the heavy items into the box first then place another layer of paper and repeat using lighter items.
  • The more snug you place your items the less chance of movement and breakages.
  • Plates should always be placed upright and glasses with the rim facing down and stems up.
  • Make sure you don’t over fill the boxes.
  • Close box and tape along the top, you can add extra tape to the top or bottom of a box if you feel the need.
  • Label your boxes immediately so that you don’t forget what’s inside. Remember to write on the tape not the box.
  • And lastly don’t mix items from different rooms, this can makes unpacking very time consuming.


This checklist will make sure you are completely prepared and organised for your move.
It will remind you of all those little things you may have forgotten.
If you have any questions feel free to contact our office anytime.

  • Make sure absolutely everything is in boxes
  • Make sure everything that needs disassembling has been disassembled prior to the relocation consultant’s arrival
  • Make sure all electronics are unplugged and the cords are neatly with their components
  • If possible move all the boxes into 1 room of the house or towards the front side of each room
  • Organize moving insurance – this can be obtained through your home contents insurance
  • Draw a floor plan of your new residence with reference to where you would like furniture placed, you can use of coloured sticker system
  • Redirect your mail, change your driver’s license address, organize your utilities to be connected at your new residence, as well as your Foxtel and Internet connections
  • Back up all your computer files
  • Defrost your fridge and disconnect the washing machine
  • Organize a parking space for the truck as close to the house entrance as possible.